Alive And Kicking

Back amongst the living. Wow. That was one nasty bug I caught. Friday I went into work, and it was misery. The cold morphed into the flu, and I sat there in my office in a flannel shirt shivering with a fever of 101� – not good. I got some prescriptions to combat this virus and took a long nap when I got home that evening.

The fever broke during the night and when I woke on Saturday the worse was over. I felt vastly improved, like a new lease on life. Hell, I felt good enough to go to the movies yesterday for a matinee – though in truth I was forced from the house by a six hour scheduled power outage in my village.

Today I feel even better – the pressure and pain in my sinuses has diminished greatly and my energy levels are getting back to normal. I’ll take it easy for the rest of today, and I should be good to go on Monday.