Daily Archives: 03/31/2003

Chicken Little

How cool is this? A collection of meteorites tumbled to earth in the southern Chicago suburb of Park Forest last week. Nobody was injured, but the light show frightened several people, and chunks of interstellar matter punched holes in windows, walls and automobiles. That’s damn cool.

I remember this fellow employee and friend of my dad’s who had a place out in Pacific, Missouri. The guy had a meteorite in his front yard, right next to the steps up to his porch. The thing was an oblong chunk of melted iron about two feet across that he saw crash onto his property one night. He dragged it down from the hills and set it in amongst the azaleas. It weighed a ton, I couldn’t make the meteorite budge an inch. I guess it was solid iron or something. I was about thirteen when I saw the thing, and I was mighty impressed.

Chew on This

I mentioned my brother’s misgivings about the war last week. I should clarify. My brother votes Libertarian, not Republican. Just wanted to clear the air there.

And he sent me an article expressing his thoughts on economic policy and the foolhardiness of war and fighting terrorism.