Daily Archives: 04/04/2003


One word – hoosiers. And not them basketball crazy folks from Indiana. I am talking about the patois of St. Louis here folks. Hoosiers. Urban white trash. Mullets and Trans Ams. Busch beer. South St. Louis. Soulard.


Phone Lust

My landlady Dianne just got a new cordless phone. I am in serious techo-lust. I want one, and seeing as my cordless phone/answering machine has died an ugly death, I guess I might as well order one up. It certainly has everything I want in a phone, and it sounds crystal clear – something my old cordless never accomplished.

I was pretty wiped out at work today, I think I was having a relapse from last week. I called it a day a little after three this afternoon and came home for a nice long nap. I got up at eight, and I feel much better.

Time for a movie – tonight’s feature is Autofocus.

The Media is Lying To You

Well, here’s an interesting story that isn’t getting any attention in the media.

A Florida court overturned a jury decision against Fox News, a suit brought by journalist Jane Akre. Akre claimed that Fox pressured her to submit a story favorable to Monsanto and Bovine Growth Hormone, when her investigation indicated otherwise. She refused to falsify her report, and Fox fired her. “The ruling basically declares it is technically not against any law, rule, or regulation to deliberately lie or distort the news on a television broadcast.”

I wonder why none of the other media outlets picked up this story. Perhaps because they do it too? Reading all the disinformation about the American P.O.W. rescued this week, it’s easy to see why.