Daily Archives: 04/10/2003


My attention span for movies has been dwindling lately. Last week I rented Autofocus, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the entire thing. I got about an hour into the film, then lost interest. I even kept it a couple extra days so I could watch the whole thing, but I couldn’t do it. It just didn’t interest me.

I’m having the same problem with Scotland PA right now. It was supposed to be back last night, and I am forcing myself to watch it right now. What’s the matter with me? I should like these movies. They’re offbeat, independent films; a type of movie that I usually enjoy. Yet these two movies leave me cold and bored. I’d rather play around with the news aggregator in Radio Userland or read a magazine. Oh well, I guess my crap-o-meter is getting more sensitive as I age; if I don’t like a movie, screw it.

Them Bones

I think I mentioned the burials unearthed recently at Matapang Beach Park in Tumon. The entire park was torn up to install a drainage system for the park and San Vitores Road, and workers excavated several previously unknown burials in the park. Up to 37 people were uncovered, and archaeologists say most of the remains are prehistoric.

A memorial service to honor these ancient Chamorros was conducted at the park yesterday. A controversy is brewing over what to do with the remains, and how to respectfully handle them. Former senator Hope Cristobal vehemently opposes any action to remove the bodies from the burial sites, while the Department of Parks and Recreation is insisting they need to be removed so construction can resume. It certainly is a conundrum with no easy answers. Whatever the result of this controversy, I don’t think anyone will be pleased with the results.

Shady Shenanigans

Looks like the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) can join the airport in shady contracts with foreign consultants. Today’s PDN reports that GVB also signed a contract with China Link during the final months of Carl Gutierrez’s administration, and paid out $34,000 to the firm before the management turnover in January. Lovely. These independent agencies that don’t have to follow the general government procurement regulations are rife with these blatant rewards and kickbacks for allies and associates. They ought to be ashamed, instead these people are laughing all the way to the bank.

At least I can rest assured that these surreptitious dealings are not a thing of the past. KUAM ran a story last night about GEDCA’s controversial and expensive contract with a Washington D.C. lobbying group. This lobbying firm was incorporated on Guam the day the contract was signed by GEDCA. Apparently the high powered lobbying firm is actually a local group that will attempt to subcontract the lobbying to various actual lobbying firms in Washington D.C. Basically it does nothing, just collects money and hires out other firms while extracting an exorbitant fee from GovGuam. The story makes it pretty clear that the entire contract is just a form of payback for a political smear campaign against Bob Underwood during the gubernatorial campaign last year. The entire tale is pretty convoluted but it certainly makes a person go “hmmm…” I am sure that given enough time, Governor Camacho will become more adept at rewarding cronies, lackeys and other assorted boot lickers, just like Carl Gutierrez did in his 2 terms.

KPRG Spring Pledge

Guam’s public radio station, KPRG, is in the midst of their spring pledge drive. Now more than ever KPRG needs the public’s support. In this age of dwindling GovGuam finances the private sector needs to step up and meet the challenge of keeping this priceless resource on the air. Become a member or volunteer if you have the time.

Storms A-Brewing

Got two phone calls this morning from co-workers wanting information on the typhoon. I forwarded them some information off the internet, and listened to their concerns about another storm. It is still too early to tell though, so I am not too concerned.

Besides, if a storm does hit Guam all that rain will douse the fire at the landfill. The paper quotes Governor Camacho vowing to close the landfill during his tenure in office. Let’s just say I ain’t holding my breath on that one.