Daily Archives: 04/12/2003

*^%@! GPA!!

Not two minutes after my previous post the power went out at my house – for the second time today. Goddamn that is frustrating. I understand they need to work on the cables and installing new power poles in the village, but why do they have to do it on Saturday? Why every fucking Saturday?? Can’t this be done during the regular work week, when people are not at home. I suspect the reasoning behind these Saturday work crews upgrading the lines in Yona is overtime/weekend pay for the GPA bucket crews.

And Now For Something Completely Different

One of my favorite areas at the Art Institute of Chicago is the back corner with all the Cornell Boxes. The boxes are funky little conglomerations of found objects, carefully placed in a box with one or more panels cut away to reveal the intricate interiors. They are odd, a little disconcerting, often just plain creepy. They are tucked into a corner of the modern art gallery on the second floor. And I found an interesting page devoted to Cornell at the WebMuseum.

Today Is Saturday

Went out last night. Drank a little too much. Oops. Sam Choy’s got a pretty good deal on beers though. Buy one Heineken and the next on is only 1� – that’s a deal I can get behind and support. And I did too, for several hours. Well I had to celebrate my domination of the NCAA office pool with some co-workers. That’s code for I was buying the drinks.

Oh yeah, tropical storm 02W has been given the name “Kujira.” Great, just great. I guess that means it’s going to be a ‘whale’ of a storm. Storm track puts closest approach about 100 miles south of Guam on Tuesday morning. This is subject to change though.

I am heading out today to buy gasoline and other supplies. Last night I noticed lines forming at several gas stations while ambling home. Better safe than sorry.