Daily Archives: 04/15/2003

Recent Media Consumption

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  • The Florentine – Another quality movie about loser drunks in a run-down bar. Good cast, a little scattershot and unfocused though. I know it’s an ensemble picture, but keeping track of 12 to 14 people is too much, especially when most characters have only one or two scenes before the denouement. Perhaps I am just getting burnt out on the ‘rummies in a dive’ film genre.
  • CQ – If you liked Barbarella, you’ll love CQ. The movie produces one long chuckle, interspersed with the occasional poignancy at our protagonist’s crumbling relationship while he obsesses about the ridiculous movie within a movie he is editing.
  • Far From Heaven – Spare me. This film did nothing for me. I can appreciate the accurate recreation of the 1950’s, the stultifying atmosphere and suburban conformity, but I sure don’t like being bludgeoned with it. It’s the 1950’s – and he’s gay! (gasp) She loves another man – and he’s black!! (double gasp) Christ. Enough already.
  • Snow Falling On Cedars – A good film. The book’s better. Anyway, seen this one before so it didn’t really grip me like the first time.
  • Scotland Pa – I couldn’t finish this one. One moderately funny idea, Macbeth in a fast food restaurant. It doesn’t work after the first half hour. I made it to about the one hour mark, then gave up. I got better things to do than waste my time with ‘Shakespeare for Dummies.’

Of these four movies, I only finished two, Florentine and Snow Falling On Cedars. The other two were a waste of my time and I spent far too much effort trying to sit through them. I think I will curtail my DVD watching for a while.

Books, Magazines
I just finished Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and it was not bad. An interesting vision of the near future. His ideas are certainly echo memes about weblogs and reputation as the basis of an economy. The science fiction technology reminded me of Greg Egan’s Diaspora, though it wasn’t as far reaching in scope and certainly not loaded with hard science. Interestingly, I also recently read a couple chapters in another book set in this near future, digital utopia of immortal life and endless material wealth. It was called Demiurge, and it’s available as an eBook. The author of Demiurge is also a writer for the Deus Ex computer game that I own which is set in the near future. I sense a trend developing here. Perhaps the latest sci-fi trend is for authors to focus on cyberpunk human/computer integration, with an emphasis on networking concepts.

The past couple weeks proved a torrent of magazines. I guess the US Postal Service increased the weekly cargo flights or something, because I am suddenly getting magazines from months ago along with the most recent newsstand copies. Recently arrived: February’s National Geographic, three Outsides, the latest Utne Reader and a couple MacWorlds. Plenty of reading material on hand.

Shiver Me Shutters

The wind’s shifted about 90 degrees, it comes from the east now. Winds are 50 mph, with gusts a little higher. I think the operational word right now is buffeted. Satellite imagery shows a clearly defined eye, and I can see rotation on the radar loop at the Guam NOAA page.

Oh, and I can’t sleep.