Daily Archives: 04/16/2003

Post Typhoon

Super Typhoon Kujira is rolling its merry old way towards the northern Philippines and Taiwan. Watch out folks – that storm’s going be a killer.

I was surprised at how people responded to the threat of Kujira. I suppose folks were caught off guard by Pongsana, and suffered as a result. Seemed like everybody was out gassing automobiles, stocking up on canned goods and batteries, putting up shutters or plywood, and securing their yards against flying debris over the weekend. And that’s a good thing – like the boy scouts say: “Be Prepared.”

I’ve heard a couple people propagating a rumor about another tropical depression forming out over Pohnpei. The is no warning on the Joint Typhoon Warning Center site, but the satellite photo does show a conglomeration of cloudy weather south of Pohnpei. Nothing I am worried about at this point though.