Daily Archives: 05/06/2003


Last Friday we moved into our new offices. “We” means the IS, Pricing, Sales, Contracting and Human Resources departments. No more temporary quarters, no more folding tables, no more dangling cables, no more exposed wiring. We are in our new location now, the 3rd floor of the Baltej Pavilion, and it is nice. Much better than the disaster quarters that housed us for the last 10 months, and even nicer than the old offices in the CenTam building.

Our move was Phase Two of the Baltej relocation. The first phase occupied offices on the first and second floors for Customer Service and Claims respectively. In a few weeks the final phase will happen, when the Finance, Marketing, Legal, and the executive officers move in. Til then we are the only occupants up here.

The move went off without a hitch and I’ve spent the last couple days situating my cubicle to my taste. I don’t really care about the furniture, but I now have three PC’s instead of one. My old Dell P3 and two new IBM P4’s – one 1.8 gHz and one 2.4 gHz machine – each with a boatload of RAM and huge 100 gigabyte hard drives. Ooooo…