Daily Archives: 05/08/2003

The Sins Of The Child

Today’s moral:

If you stand around and watch your children pummel another child to death, you will be prosecuted for their crime.

Yesterday a grand jury handed down indictments against the parents of four boys that beat a 10 year-old girl to death last February. Arrested late last night were Melissa Ann Cabrera and Benny Chaco Santos. Regina Guzman was assaulted on February 21 and died on March 19 as a result of internal bleeding and infection sustained during the savage attack by the four boys, aged 6 to 9.

[Attorney General Doug] Moylan adds there isn’t any evidence that the parents were involved in the beating, only that Cabrera watched as her children assaulted Regina.

Apparently the mother of the boys watched as her lads went medieval on this little girl. Then she lied to police about the boy’s whereabouts and the actual beating. The father then told police he took the boys for an appointment in town that afternoon. Nice, really nice. As appalling as the fact that these boys pummeled a little girl to death is, I am aghast that the mother actually stood by and allowed this beating to take place. I don’t know what to think about that one.