Daily Archives: 05/17/2003

Full Moon Fever

No, I was not treated to this week’s lunar eclipse, it was on the other side of the globe. Besides, I was inside working at three computers like a whirling dervish all week. Seen several before though, and last year was the annular solar eclipse. That was pretty cool.


Many days. Nonstop work. I felt like one of those crazy jugglers the Tonight Show features every now and again – I had ten different things up in the air all week and all of them were chainsaws, flaming torches or other dangerous items. If I messed up on one, the entire batch would fall on my head and chop me to bits.

I survived though, and it only took two weekends sacrificed along with a week of late nights at the office. I think I am the only guy who’s set the alarm for the office for the past three weeks.

Hopefully the crush will let up soon. I am taking off tomorrow to get some fresh air and exercise, and then it’s back to the salt mines on Monday.