Daily Archives: 05/21/2003

Yet Another Typhoon Brewing

I am beginning to suspect some grand conspiracy. Another tropical storm has developed over the Pacific and it is heading this way. Just in time for my first holiday since New Year’s.

Bloody Hell. I just get my cable tv back, and another storm threatens the island.

From the Book of Datagenesis 2: 1-2

“And on the second day, in the late hour of the gloaming daylight,
the manager spake thus unto the analyst:
‘Thou art not yet finished in thy task, O master of data mining.
Thy numbers do not jibeth with what we expected;

“Rekindle thy efforts to extract relevant numbers from the Oracle of the occult,
And consulteth thou the gravest sages of Sybase
And verily, thou must undertake thy labors of last week again’
So the lowly analyst returneth to his computer
To watch the color bleed from the sky to inky blackness while he fudgeth with the data.”