Daily Archives: 05/22/2003

Past The Eye Of The Storm

Typhoon Chan Hom is currently located at 12.7�N by 151.1�E – about 428 miles from Guam. (And you won’t believe how long it took me to calculate that distance. It’s been a long time since I used any trigonometry. A very long time.) The storm looks to pass Guam with little affect upon the island.

Same Crap, Different Day

I just love this – “Is it possible to work 37 hours in one day? Someone at Guam Waterworks Authority found a way, according to an audit report on Waterworks’ restoration efforts after Typhoon Chata’an.”

Yep, it’s another week, and another revelation of payroll improprieties at a GovGuam agency. I’m sure the same lame-ass excuses will be sounded off, then the entire thing will slip back into the murk and muddy waters of GovGuam, to be conveniently forgotten.

Shiver Me Timbers

Tropical Storm Chan Hom continues to approach the Marianas. It looks like it will spare Guam, but of course I am taking no chances. I gassed the Isuzu last night, and stocked up on extra water and canned goods. I guess I will go through the yard this evening and secure all the loose items about the house. Jury’s still out on that one though.