Earth, Jupiter and Ash Clouds

Found a cool photo today: The Mars Global Surveyor turned its camera away from the surface of the red planet earlier this month and took a picture of earth. The photo captured not only the earth and moon, but also mighty Jupiter and three of the Galilean moons orbiting the massive gas giant. Pretty damn cool photo, even if it has been digitally enhanced to bring out the moon and Jupiter in the image.

The best link seems to be at SpaceRef.Com’s page – the original source at Malin Space Science Systems appears to have been slashdotted by all the traffic. Somewhere, a web server is dying a horrendous death.

Amazingly, I came by the page from a completely different source – I was simply surfing around, looking for images of the Anatahan volcanic eruption from space. I found them on a SpaceRef page.

Satellite Image from before the storm
Notice how the ash plume is drifting to the west last week…

Satellite Image showing changing ash plume due to typhoon
And how it is drifting south towards Guam today.