Whisky, Marlin, And Me

Couple things bouncing around in my head this morning:

  • I received a lot of whisky yesterday from a co-worker. She is moving to a new home and decided to clear out the liquor cabinet. I guess I struck here as a particularly besotted individual, because she unloaded six bottles of hooch on me. Most of it is Japanese whisky, from the Nikka Whisky Distilling company. I was a little dubious about its quality, but it seems to receive high marks.
  • There was a photo in yesterday’s PDN, this guy caught a 452 pound Pacific Blue Marlin a couple days ago. In a funny coincidence, those bottles of Japanese whisky are embossed with a marlin and the title kujiki (Japanese for Pacific Blue Marlin). Mmm, I think I need to pick up some fish for dinner tonight.