Daily Archives: 05/24/2003

SARS Flight Ban Instated

Bowing to the moronic pressure of the Guam Medical Society, Governor Camacho this week instituted a flight ban on the routes between Guam and Hong Kong and Taiwan. The idea is to keep SARS from infected Guam. Both Continental and China Airlines bowed to government pressure and cancelled their routes to these destinations. Various tourism idiots suggested that this ban would actually increase tourism. Uh-huh.

I think this could be filed under “a day late, and a dollar short.” Procedures are now in place in Taiwan and Hong Kong to identify travellers with SARS – hell, they were in place almost two months ago. This measure effectively kills the Chinese tourism market, just when the island needs every tourist it can get. Silly, pointless, and ultimately damaging to the island’s economy. There is an excellent opinion in today’s PDN on this chicken little decision.

That’s One Old Dude

This guy in India has been drawing a pension since 1938! Says he is 132 years old, but nobody has a birth certificate to prove it. Habib Miyan can prove that he’s been collecting a pension since 1938 however. He originally collected 1.86 rupees a month, and now draws 1,900 rupees a month. “According to his pension book he is a mere 125. If correct that makes the world’s oldest living person 10 years his junior.”