Daily Archives: 05/26/2003


That’s volcanic smog – it is hanging thick over the island today. Looks like Manila or Los Angeles out there. Hazy yellow in every direction.


I just tried loading my web log and it failed! A quick run through leads me to suspect KUAM has gone down in a blaze of glory, taking my newsfeed with it. I was going to edit out the newsfeed from my blogger template, but my timing is lousy. Blogger is upgrading to a new version, and my template disappeared. Bummer.

Hawaii Anyone?

Northwest is offering a great deal on travel to Hawaii and the mainland. Only $199 and 15,000 miles to Honolulu! Damn. The only problem is you have to overnight in Narita both ways, and Northwest is not offering a hotel room like they do with full paying fares. Maybe I could convince Dave Neale to put me up overnight – no wait, he’s planning a wedding right now, best I stay far away from that mess.

Movies Movies Movies

Matrix Reloaded
I went to the theater to watch the new matrix movie last weekend. It was a break from the non-stop work at the office. For that purpose it was excellent. Lots of cool special effects, and some chewy ideas to wrap your noggin’ around. Too bad those ideas had to be beaten into your skull with a two by four. “Choice.” “Free Will.” “Destiny.” Yawn – oops something just blew up spectacularly. I guess my biggest complaint centers on Keanu Reeves’ Neo. If the dude is so damn powerful, why does he even bother with the kung fu? Why battle 100 hundred clones of Agent Smith for 20 minutes, then fly away? Because the digitally created fight served no other purpose than to look cool. It’s a let down from the first film, but I certainly don’t think it deserves comparisons with The Phantom Menace. It’s just an average summer blockbuster now.

Whale Rider
Okay, now that I’ve seen the trailer, I am interested. Very interested. I hope this comes to Guam. However we seem to only get all the crap movies and big summer blockbusters. I am guessing I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD to watch this movie.

Canoe Found Safe

A traditional sailing canoe was located by the Coast Guard yesterday, more than two weeks after their scheduled arrival in Yap. The Simion Hokulea left Palau bound for Yap on May 7th, but light winds becalmed what was supposed to be a two to three day voyage. When the Coast Guard located the canoe it was only 30 miles from its destination in Yap, but the crew was weary and dehydrated.

Master navigator Mau Piailug of Satawal and 12 others were onboard the canoe, recreating the traditional voyages between Yap and Palau. The Coast Guard supplied the crew with water and let them continue on to their destination.