Daily Archives: 05/29/2003

Guam Museum – Again

A good editorial on the deplorable conditions at the Guam Museum ran last week. I totally forgot to mention it at the time. Instead of the rantings of a disgruntled blogger, the criticism was leveled from a far more credible source: Dr. Gary Heathcote, professor of anthroplogy at UOG. I sincerely hope that the administration responds to his editorial with a renewed vigor in upgrading the museum but frankly I doubt anything will happen. GovGuam is teetering on insolvency and now is not the time to be sinking money into a bottomless pit like the museum.

And so the ‘death spiral’ continues…

Don’t Eat That Fanihi!!

A new theory on the cause of lytico-bodig is making the rounds: Eating the Marianas fruit bat was the cause of lytico-bodig. Seems some researchers are suggesting that during the post war boom, a surging Chamorro population suddenly increased the amount of fanihi that were eaten. The fanihi ate raw cycad seeds, and the poisonous BMAA toxins accumulated in the fat deposits on the bat. Intriguing idea, but so many have been proposed in the past. Cycads have always been a leading suspect though. The last one that I heard about mentioned bacterial blooms in certain rivers, which made a certain amount of sense since the incidence of lytico-bodig clusters in several southern villages and suggests a common local source, like a water supply.