Daily Archives: 06/01/2003

Phone’s Back

Lots of crackle though. I just realized that the post at the end of the driveway is askew – almost like someone ran into it. That is probably the source of my problems.

My apologies to the employees of GTA. I still think they’re lazy and will be the downfall of GovGuam, but apparently they can process a check.

Phone Is Out

Strange. My telephone is out, but my DSL is still working. There has been a lot of road work lately, perhaps it was disconnected during that. I have this dread feeling that the morons at GTA have disconnected my phone though. Dianne’s phone is working just fine, and my cellular works, which leads me to suspect the trunks lines are fine, it is an isolated problem with my phone. I guess that check I wrote for $30 at the beginning of this month was in vain with that bunch of idiots. I swear GTA is the millstone of incompetency around the neck of GovGuam. Can’t even process a check.