Daily Archives: 06/12/2003

Praise Jesus

John Ashcroft must be sportin’ a major woodie over this one:

A bogus law called the RAVE Act is now being used to bludgeon drug reform groups and stifle dissent, exactly what groups were afraid of. Praise Jesus. Who needs an open dialog about drugs when you can threaten and harrass venue owners if they don’t cancel events? Hallelujah brother, let freedom ring!

Still Only A Dream

Maybe I’ve been working too hard, maybe I’ve been listening to too much Grateful Dead, but I had a great dream last night.

I was cashing a check at the bank, standing in line, minding my own business. I finally got to a teller and while I endorsed the check, he asked “Do you want that in $20’s? Or joints?” I laughed so hard I woke myself up. God, wouldn’t that be nice?

Thai Food Goodness

Time for a lighter post: my favorite Thai restaurant, Ban Thai, reopened for business yesterday. They lost their roof in Typhoon Pongsona and I have sorely missed eating there. But they are back, in the same location; new roof, new furniture, same good food. I was so excited about eating there yesterday I was literally the first guy in the door.