Another Voice Chimes In

After my grumbling about the RAVE act last night I came across a great article on Alternet, detailing the current government obsession with legislating away all fun. “The Second Prohibition” indeed. After railing against the RAVE act, the growing power of fundamentalist politicians, the federally funded ‘abstinence’ eduction and the everlasting shame of over 20,000 people locked up in our nation for marijuana offenses, the author sums it up nicely:

Sex and drugs and live music make life great. These are the kinds of things that were outlawed in Taliban-run Afghanistan. If they can’t be legal and easy in America, then I don’t want to live here anymore. I want to live in a place where drugs and sex are tolerated, where the government provides a sane level of social services, where religion isn’t always threatening to take over the state. Amsterdam. It always comes back to Amsterdam.

Every day I feel like we are inching closer and closer to the fundamentalist dystopia portrayed in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The fact that leading Republican Rick Santorum can spout off his repugnant views on the evils of homosexuality and the right of the government to control this kind of behavior – and not suffer any consequences deeply troubles me. John Ashcroft truly frightens me because I am certain he fantasizes about turning the United States into a Republic of Gilead. To head George Bush drops in code words and phrases (‘there is power, wonder working power’) during the State of the Union speech last January chilled me to my soul. The man actually believes God chose him to rule the nation. Uh, it wasn’t God Dubya, it was Antonin Scalia and the Supreme Court. It certainly wasn’t the majority of US voters.