Daily Archives: 06/22/2003

Wal Mart, The Seventh Level Of Hell

Do not shop at Wal Mart, they are the fucking devil. Evil, pure unadulterated evil. Just stay away. Buy local.

Low prices? I recently read how a woman with two children who worked full time at Wal Mart (itself a near impossibility) could not afford to house and feed her family, even if she only bought all her merchandise and groceries at Wal Mart. Most people that work at Wal Mart qualify for Food Stamps. Those low prices are based on the suffering of millions and the shunting of costs onto the American public. Aggressive domination of the marketplace by undercutting local merchants, providing little benefits to employees and engaging in union busting practices, all the while running miserable sweatshops overseas. Wal Mart is truly a corporation based on American ideals: rapacious greed and screwing it to the little guy, all the while draping themselves in the fraudulent veneer of patriotism and family values.

Do not shop at Wal Mart.

Close Call

Just call me lucky: My Isuzu was driving funny the last couple days, a wobble in the front passenger side. I took a look yesterday morning and I was shocked. The tire was literally coming apart, and the radial steel belts were exposed and frayed. Needless to say I changed that tire out right quick. I took some photos of the stricken tire too:

One damaged tire Closeup of the damage

I was very lucky. A blow out while driving around would have totaled the SUV, and probably me too. I’ve been thinking about getting a new car, and this is a powerful impetus to get me into the showroom.


Blogger done did the upgrade dance to me this weekend. Looks good.

I am particularly happy about all my archives being available again. That was really starting to bug me.