Hello Fox News, Goodbye Music Videos

Marianas CableVision, the sole cable television provider on Guam, added Fox News Channel to their lineup yesterday. MCV dropped the only music video channel that actually still played music videos to add Fox News, the creaky Soundtrack Channel. I can’t say I am sorry to see the Soundtrack Channel go, but Fox News is not what I want to watch. Nothing like a little right wing vitriol spewing from my television. I watched a bit of it last night. Wow, I thought CNN was bad. Fox News seems to delight in pandering to the basest, crudest, most sensational news possible. I watched a bit where the talking meat puppets were earnestly discussing the best ways to ‘take out’ Saddam Hussein, then proceeded to mock Colin Powell’s visit to Israel to spark a dialogue between the Israelis and Palestinians. I flipped off at that point and returned about a � hour later, to find the new talking head dissecting video footage of a bounty hunter capturing his prey, with color commentary provided by the bounty hunter.

So farewell Soundtrack Channel, your dull schedule of crappy video tie-ins is no more on Guam. Now we get the world according to Rupert Murdoch and his reactionary cronies.