I Want One And I Want It Now

Apple announced their new G5 PowerMacs Monday. Hoochie Mama – I am suffering serious techno-lust right now. I want one of those dual 2.0 GHz babies something fierce. So does everyone else too, so maybe I can manage one next year. I know I can still milk my G3 for another year or so. But the old girl is starting to show her age. I’ve had the G3 for four years now, and I am still afraid to make the jump to OS X on that machine – she just doesn’t have the oomph to run OS X, and I know it. So everyday the software and hardware on the G3 gets moldy and I find myself using my Windows machine more and more often. Hell, I am running Radio Userland on the Dell now, and that cool panorama I posted yesterday was made on the Dell too. I feel like my Macintosh cred is slipping. I really want to get my hands on an OS X machine and see what happens. And that G5 looks like a screamer.