Daily Archives: 06/27/2003

Big Plans For This Weekend

This is it! I am going to buy a new car this weekend. I’ve been dithering around for quite a while now, and I am finally ready to make the plunge. A new set of wheels is what I need.

What will I be driving? Toyota’s are on sale this weekend, and Nissan is running a 2003 model clearance too. So many decisions, so little time. Stayed tuned loyal readers, and discover what I choose…

Gotta Love That Public Radio

Yesterday I admitted that I am a die-hard public radio listener. My neighbor is a local radio personality at Guam’s only rock ‘n roll station, and he seemed surprised when I told him I hadn’t heard about his station’s latest promotion. When I told him I listen exclusively to KPRG, he was incredulous. What really threw him was that I was his ‘target demographic’ – a male aged 18-34. Well sorry. I guess I can’t be pidgeon-holed that easily.

So what do I listen to?