Island News Roundup

My apologies for not posting local news here lately. I try to only comment on political imbroglios, and the current situation is unchanged from a few months ago: the governor is still trying to float a massive bond, the Attorney General is still dead-set against it, GovGuam workers are still being furloughed or forced into wage reductions, the Republican senators are still trying to repeal the tax increase the Democratic senators approved earlier this year and visitor arrivals are plunging to 10 year lows.

On a more sordid note, the last two months brought about a rash of murders on the island. In the last two weeks two women were stabbed to death in crimes of passion. In the first murder a woman came home to find her boyfriend in bed with another woman. Police found the first woman with a knife through her heart and arrested the second woman. A grand jury sprung her late last week though due to lack of evidence.

The second knife murder was a crime of passion too. A woman was at a local bar with her ex-boyfriend when her cell phone rang. She refused to let the ex-boyfriend see the caller id number, and he allegedly flew into a rage, grabbed a knife off the bar and stabbed her.

Crikey! There was another stabbing at a karaoke lounge last night! This is becoming a little too common. Perhaps the stress of a contracting economy is overwhelming people.