Daily Archives: 07/02/2003

Rash O’ Killings Update

Monday was an especially bloody day on Guam, with one boy accidentally killed and another seriously wounded in a poaching accident on US Air Force property, and another man stabbed to death in a bar fight in the village of Dededo.

The poaching incident is especially sad. A group of men and boys were out poaching in the jungle on Andersen Air Force Base, when a gun discharged and hit both boys. The group attempted to haul the wounded kids back to their vehicles, but dropped the bodies, hid and fled the scene when Air Force military police arrived.

The stabbing appears to be a case of drunken fools staring each other down at a bar. They took their beef outside and one fellow got sliced up pretty bad. The murder rate has really spiked in the last month, from two in May to seven on July 1. And the real hardships have yet to strike home for most folks on Guam. I am worried what will happen when GovGuam finally starts laying people off.