Daily Archives: 07/06/2003

Early To Rise

I am supposed to drop off the truck I’ve been driving for the last four days at the airport tonight. Someone else needs the wheels and I am relegated back to my bicycle for a few days.

I got two options:

  1. Drop the truck off tonight, bike 8 miles home to Yona and bike 10 miles into work tomorrow morning.
  2. Drop the truck off really early and coast on the bike a few miles downhill to my job.

Guess which one I am thinking of doing? Yep, old option B is the course for me.

The only problem with this: the flight arrives at 4:00 am – as ungodly an hour as there is. I guess I will be heading to bed early tonight.

Good Car Hunting

I spent most of the past week looking at cars, trucks, SUV’s and even one of those motorized ‘Scoot Cars.’ I am 95% certain I know what I am getting. Yeah, my own little retro-hearse. I got my eye on one that is a little more than I need, but what the hell – live a little. It’s not like I buy a new car every year – it’s not like I’ve ever bought a new car period. So why not enjoy myself?

I only know one thing: I am not interesting in another SUV. I’ve come to dislike the behemoths of the highway in the last couple years, especially as the oversized land-yachts took over the market – Lincoln Navigators, Ford Expeditions, Toyota Sequoias and that monster Escalade from Cadillac inspire me to say “BLEEEEECH.” Luxury SUV? WTF? To say nothing of the abysmal gas mileage these cushy, bloated barges get. Never mind.

The smaller SUV’s don’t excite me either. They look like they couldn’t go up the driveway to my house they’re so tiny and anemic. RAV-4’s, Passports and that stuff just look like slightly larger versions of the compact cars they are based on. No real utility in those things.

I liked my old Isuzu because it was a stripped down, go anywhere utility vehicle: beach, hills, roads – it didn’t matter to the Isuzu. I just bounced along and got where I was going. About the closest thing I’ve driven that compares is the Nissan XTerra. It’s a tempting ride and I like the vehicle, I’d put it at my #2 choice.

The other ride that attracted me was just a Toyota pickup. Can’t be beat. Reliable, cheap, useful. Hell I’m driving one right now for a week and I have no complaints. I consider this my intelligent safe choice. But driving around in a pickup doesn’t really interest me.

I thought long and hard about what kind of driving I do and the fact is my off-roading days are over. I drive to work, I drive home. I drive to work, I drive to the store, I drive home. That’s about it these days. I need a car for commuting and shopping, not a SUV, not a truck. A car. And if it has to be a car, why not live a little and get a fun car? I think this line of reasoning is sensible, but fun and I expect to buy the car tomorrow or Tuesday morning.