Daily Archives: 07/07/2003

Nicely Put

The BBC has become my new default news page. I find the coverage interesting, and more international in view than CNN or My Yahoo. Plus I really dig the web page design. It’s so – pleasing. Cool colors, nice fonts, well designed, continually updated. Very nice.

Military Mindshare Increasing

Call me out of date, but I just heard about the U.S. Army distributing a ‘top-notch shooter’ video game for free as a recruiting tool. ‘America’s Army’ sends the player through training and team building exercises before launching them into missions designed to give the player a taste of military life. I am download the mammoth game right now to check it out. I must say this glorification of violence and warfare freely available from the U.S. government for children to download troubles me, but I can also see the brilliancy of creating a game to encourage military service among the video game generation.

I will discuss this in more detail once I take the game for a test drive.

Helen Tells It Like It Is

Pacific Daily News columnist recounts her travel experiences during her recent family vacation, and she finds the new restrictions more a nuisance and knee jerk reaction than providing actual security. I couldn’t agree more – the security measures are paranoid reactions to the attacks that do little to thwart future terrorist attempts. If/when the United States is attacked again, it will not come from airplanes. The attack will focus on a forgotten weak spot: Bombing chemical plants in large cities perhaps, or crippling the nation’s railway infrastructure.

Her final comment is particularly poignant. Yes, we are doing a bang-up job dismantling all those freedoms the terrorists loathe in the name of security and I am certain we are not leaving our children a battered legacy.

Activist, Senator – Angel Santos Dies at 44

I just checked the headlines of the PDN and discovered that Angel Santos died yesterday. It is a sad day on Guam. I can think of no other publice figure that was as honest and open about Guam’s problems and dedicated to helping those in need. I knew he was in failing health and had Parkinson’s, but this was unexpected. He was only 44.

He was an activist, a senator and a major public figure. He was hugely popular, and seen as a defender of the common man on Guam. He ran for governor in 1998, and I often think the island would have been a much better place if he had won the gubernatorial race.

My condolences to the family of former Senator Angel Santos.

Told You Early To Rise

Got into work at 4:00 this morning. Dropped the truck off at the airport and rode my bike down to the office. I learned one important thing – I will not be riding the bike anymore. I am going to rent a car for a few days and use that to commute about.

So why the change of heart? I’m a big man in poor shape. Riding 22 miles a day will kill me. And not just exhaustion from cycling, it is truly, deeply uncomfortable to be on the bike. In the two or three miles from the airport to the office my feet hurt, my knees were killing me and I couldn’t put my weight onto my butt without excruciating pain. Of course that only made my knees and feet hurt even more. I knew there was no way I could manage 11 miles each way in that much pain.

So the great experiment fails. Basically I need to close the deal on my new car today.