Told You Early To Rise

Got into work at 4:00 this morning. Dropped the truck off at the airport and rode my bike down to the office. I learned one important thing – I will not be riding the bike anymore. I am going to rent a car for a few days and use that to commute about.

So why the change of heart? I’m a big man in poor shape. Riding 22 miles a day will kill me. And not just exhaustion from cycling, it is truly, deeply uncomfortable to be on the bike. In the two or three miles from the airport to the office my feet hurt, my knees were killing me and I couldn’t put my weight onto my butt without excruciating pain. Of course that only made my knees and feet hurt even more. I knew there was no way I could manage 11 miles each way in that much pain.

So the great experiment fails. Basically I need to close the deal on my new car today.