Daily Archives: 07/08/2003


I just realized I made a mistake this evening. I left my Psion at work. Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much, but I am only five chapters from the end of Bleak House, which is stowed on the Psion in a text file I downloaded from the Project Gutenberg. Crap.

Oh wait – it’s on my hard drive here too. I can read it from my computer this evening and finish the novel. Cool! I really enjoy pulling down old novels from Project Gutenberg – a vast digital library at my fingertips.

Onto Dickens, I really do enjoy Dickens. His stories contain a wealth of unforgettable characters, which often causes the plot to slow down in the first half of the book. But as the plot speeds up, Dickens throws in the most remarkable connections and coincidences to throw his characters together. As the conclusion nears, I can rarely put down the story. I was up until 3:00 last night reading Bleak House, and I will probably stay up tonight until I finish it.

Well before it gets too late, I am off to watch a DVD now. ‘Round Midnight is on the docket for this evening. Been a long time since I’ve seen this homage to jazz, but I am looking forward to it. Hell, any movie with Dexter Gordon jammin’ like mad is worth sitting back and watching.


I picked up a new software package over the weekend – Tinderbox from Eastgate Systems. I putzed around with the demo version long enough and finally bought the program during their July 4th sale. Hopefully Tinderbox will help me organize my thoughts and discrete bits of data on my computer. Eventually I’d like to set up Tinderbox to run a weblog, something like the program’s creator, Mark Bernstein, does.

Good Thing The Catholic Church Opposes Gambling

The Malesso Choir Association is back in business! Bingo games resumed earlier this month as the group tries to raise cash to pay off $400,000 it owes the government. Maybe they should have filed statements with the Department of Revenue & Taxation for the last 2 years.

The Malesso Choir Association is not affiliated with the Archdioceses of Agana, but they donate all their earnings to the construction of a new church and rectory in Merizo. That’s pretty convenient setup for the Church, which vehemently opposes legalized gambling. I guess the good friars don’t want anybody horning in on their racket.

Privatization Repealed

Lawmakers caved in yesterday and repealed the privatization of school cafeteria and maintenance workers. Bill 53 cancels the cost-cutting measures introduced in the governor’s budget. Political expediency wins out. Voting was along party lines, with Democrats voting for the bill and Republicans voting against.

I hate to see anybody lose their jobs, but the fact remains that GovGuam will have to cut its workforce. There just isn’t enough money to go around. Everyone agrees that GovGuam must reduce the number of employees but no one is willing to actually make the necessary cuts.