Knocked off Bleak House at lunch today. Another notch in the staff of reading. Time to start the latest Harry Potter, which I have on loan from Dianne.

I ate lunch at GPO – Guam Premium Outlets. Just a quick bite to eat, a Subway sandwich in the food court. Then it was up into the stores and a stop at Vitamin World for my glucosamine supplements. Gotta keep the creaky knees lubed up.

I discovered that the Guam Museum opened a small exhibit space in an empty store front in the mall. The exhibit is entitled “A Brief Glimpse Into Guam’s History” and it offers several cases of ancient Chamoru artifacts; a latte stone, sling stones, metate, and fishhooks. Also on display is a variety of objects relating to Shoichi Yokoi, the famous Japanese straggler found hiding out down in Talofofo in 1972. They have his homespun hibiscus root clothing, some wrought tools and salvaged garbage that he used to eke out a living in his cave.

All said this is a nice effort by the museum to reach a wider audience and highlight Guam’s history to the tourists. This is certainly a step in the right direction, though the needs of the museum need to be sorely addressed.