The ride into town this morning was interesting for a couple reasons. I’ve mentioned the highway construction on my stretch of Route 4 before; 10 months into the road widening project and all they’ve done is dig ditches. Well this morning they were busy trenching again and broke the water main. It must have just happened a minute or two before I passed by. The water was shooting up like a fountain 5 feet into the air and two contractors were busy yelling at each other. It was a pretty funny scene, looked like something out of the Three Stooges.

Then I spotted the elusive illustrated man this morning too. Yes, Von was pedaling a bike up Marine Drive at 8:00 this morning, destination unknown. It’s been about four months since I’ve seen Von, I was hoping that he finally got his ducks in a row and left Guam. I guess I was wrong. I’ll give him a call next week and hook up. Anyway it was funny seeing a bald, tattooed biker in steel toe boots and bandanna wobbling up the middle of Marine Drive.