Island News Roundup

A quick spin through the local news:

  • Bankruptcies on the rise – No surprise there. George Butler, a local lawyer specializing in bankruptcies, predicts 2003 will be a banner year for bankruptcy filings on Guam, especially once the inevitably happens and GovGuam starts laying off employees.
  • Arguments heard in bond case – The Supreme Court of Guam heard arguments for and against the government’s proposed bond bailout measure yesterday. They will render a decision in a few days.
  • State funeral set for Angel Santos – Next week a state funeral will be held for former senator Angel Santos. I still can’t believe he is gone. The media reported him as having Parkinson’s, but it seems like the progress of the disease was incredibly fast. I’ve known a few people with Parkinson’s and it always seemed a gradual deterioration to me. I know the medical examiner performed an autopsy, I am curious to know the results.
  • Public library reducing hours – The Agat Branch of the Guam Public Library is now only open on Tuesdays. Seems the salary reductions and budget shortfalls encouraged a number of library employees to leave Guam. The library is now too short-staffed to operate the main branch, the Dededo branch and the Agat branch every day. The poor state of the library system on island breaks my heart.
  • Tire recycling takes off – On a positive note, a local recycling firm unveiled a new process to reduce the number of old tires on island. The new machine crushes up to 100 old tires into a compact 4x4x2 cube, which can be used for a number of purposes; road beds, retaining walls or erosion control. Good to hear about somebody doing something to reduce waste on island.
  • South Pacific Games UpdateFSM earned seven medals yesterday :: Guam men bat in the baseball gold :: Guam women’s soccer still in medal contention :: All in all, the games are a rousing success for Fiji.