Daily Archives: 07/16/2003


I left for Tokyo at noon on Friday. Took the Narita Express into Shinjuku then headed out to Asagaya, where I stayed at the Hotel Amista. The hotel was nice, quiet, serviceable.

I thought the wedding was going to be a quick civil ceremony. I was wrong. It was a full-on Shinto wedding ceremony, a first for me. I took some pictures of the shrine. It was hot out. Very hot and muggy.

The happy couple Shrine among the trees

After the ceremony we headed off to the reception at Museum Tokyo. It was hot there. Very hot. I think ‘sweat lodge’ is a good description. It was a good time though, a couple bands played, a magician did some tricks, and the beer flowed freely. Nothing wrong with that. I did bail early from the party though – I desperately needed a cold shower.

Sunday I helped David and Keiko clean up at Museum Tokyo, then I got a quick tour of where David works. David lives in Tachikawa City, and I got the tour of his new home too. Then it was off to downtown Tokyo for some sightseeing and dinner.

Sightseeing David & Keiko

It was a good little trip. I am looking forward to going back sometime soon.

Shinjuku Choo Choo

Harry Potter On My Mind

I polished off the newest novel about Harry Potter last weekend. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was okay, about par for the course as Harry Potter novels go. The formula is getting a little stale at this point: Harry’s stuck with his tedious family over summer, magic upsets the Dursley household right as Harry leaves, a new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher stirs the pot at Hogwarts, Harry and his friends disregard the advice of the adults around them, Harry catches the Golden Snitch in a Quidditch match, Harry gets in tune with Voldemort’s evil plans, nobody believes Harry, Harry wanders into the Forbidden Forest, Harry gets into a scrape with Voldemort, some mysterious power inside Harry that he can neither understand nor control thwarts Voldemort again, Dumbledore explains what just happened, Harry goes back to the Dursley’s wiser and older. Repeat cycle in another couple years.

I enjoyed the book, it is a delightful children’s series. Anything that gets kids excited about reading is okay by me. The stories are enjoyable fantasy, a quick bit of fluff. I am certain I will read the sixth book in the series when it comes out, and it will again be a brief delight in my reading.

Ylig Site Still Not Excavated

The bones unearthed during the road work on Route 4 a few months ago are still lying exposed along the roadside in Yona. The entire situation is simply intolerable. Desecration of burials, then simply allowing the graves to be scattered by wind, rain and foraging animals. It is simply scandalous.

By the time they finally sort out the mess and approve an archaeologist to excavate the site it will be too late. The damage has been done.


The rainy season has officially arrived. It was a deluge last night, non-stop, pounding rain for over an hour. This morning the winds were gusting and the scuttlebutt was about a tropical depression forming over the island. Judging by the satellite photo loop, Guam will be getting lots of rain for the next few days.