Daily Archives: 07/17/2003

A Busy, Blustery Day

It started out okay. A fair bit of rain on the way into work, but nothing extraordinary.

Work was one of those exquisite days where everything comes together nicely. I was busy all day, but I never felt overwhelmed. Plus the day is always a good one when I take my luncheon at Ban Thai. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully by the end of the month things will slacken off at work and I can get back into some tabled projects. For now, it looks like another weekend at the office and the next weekend is GovGuam negotiations. Which means another weekend shot. But that is the end of the tough stuff. The end is in sight!

I regret I worked late tonight and missed the state funeral for Angel Santos. Dianne went, I will try and get a report from her tomorrow morning.

Okay Kayo, time to kick back and watch On The Waterfront. Even if Elia Kazan was a backstabbing snitch, this is still a great film.

Hong Kong Cheers Resignations

Wow. Two top Hong Kong officials resigned yesterday in direct response to the massive protests that have rocked the city for the last couple weeks. Can the resignation of Tung Chee-Hwa be far behind?

It is exciting watching these protests bring about peaceful regime change. The Philippines did it a few years ago, and now Hong Kong appears to be in the midst of its own political awakening. I wonder if something like this would work in the United States?

In other regional news, North Korea exchanged gunfire with South Korean positions across the DMZ today. That makes me very anxious.

The South Korean military said the North Koreans fired four rounds from a machine gun at one of its posts along the DMZ.

It said South Korean troops broadcast a warning through loudspeakers and then returned fire with 17 shots. There were no reported casualties.

I can think of nothing more likely to erupt into a full-scale war than the situation with North Korea right now. It’s too bad President Bush prefers to take out weak demagogues like Hussein instead of a real threat like North Korea.

Guam Airport Ready Layoff Workers

The A.B. Won Pat International Airport is moving ahead with plans to lay off employees. The airport plans to cut $3.5 million from its annual payroll of $11 million.

Wow, that’s a hefty chunk of the airport’s staff on the chopping block. I suspect the layoffs will be challenged before the Civil Service Commission, and probably a few terminations cancelled. Par for the course. It is a noteworthy effort to reduce GovGuam’s bloated payroll though.

Let’s Call It A Quagmire

Every day U.S. forces are coming under attack in Iraq. Pretty violent place, even after Saddam Hussein was ousted. 33 U.S. and U.K. soldiers have been killed since President Bush declared hostilities over on May 1. Guess he got that one wrong too. First he has to make up excuses to attack a third world country, and now he cannot tell the difference between violence and peace.

A grenade attack killed a U.S. soldier in Iraq on July 16, 2003, bringing the total combat deaths to 147, equaling the total in the 1991 Gulf War. The latest death heaped pressure on U.S President Bush, facing mounting criticism for the cost of the war and accusations the United States exaggerated intelligence on Iraq's weapons to justify the conflict. (Reuters Graphic)

The new U.S. general in Iraq, General John Abizaid, termed the conflict in Iraq a ‘classic guerrilla-type campaign’ in an interview today. That’s for damn sure.