A Busy, Blustery Day

It started out okay. A fair bit of rain on the way into work, but nothing extraordinary.

Work was one of those exquisite days where everything comes together nicely. I was busy all day, but I never felt overwhelmed. Plus the day is always a good one when I take my luncheon at Ban Thai. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully by the end of the month things will slacken off at work and I can get back into some tabled projects. For now, it looks like another weekend at the office and the next weekend is GovGuam negotiations. Which means another weekend shot. But that is the end of the tough stuff. The end is in sight!

I regret I worked late tonight and missed the state funeral for Angel Santos. Dianne went, I will try and get a report from her tomorrow morning.

Okay Kayo, time to kick back and watch On The Waterfront. Even if Elia Kazan was a backstabbing snitch, this is still a great film.