Hong Kong Cheers Resignations

Wow. Two top Hong Kong officials resigned yesterday in direct response to the massive protests that have rocked the city for the last couple weeks. Can the resignation of Tung Chee-Hwa be far behind?

It is exciting watching these protests bring about peaceful regime change. The Philippines did it a few years ago, and now Hong Kong appears to be in the midst of its own political awakening. I wonder if something like this would work in the United States?

In other regional news, North Korea exchanged gunfire with South Korean positions across the DMZ today. That makes me very anxious.

The South Korean military said the North Koreans fired four rounds from a machine gun at one of its posts along the DMZ.

It said South Korean troops broadcast a warning through loudspeakers and then returned fire with 17 shots. There were no reported casualties.

I can think of nothing more likely to erupt into a full-scale war than the situation with North Korea right now. It’s too bad President Bush prefers to take out weak demagogues like Hussein instead of a real threat like North Korea.