Let’s Call It A Quagmire

Every day U.S. forces are coming under attack in Iraq. Pretty violent place, even after Saddam Hussein was ousted. 33 U.S. and U.K. soldiers have been killed since President Bush declared hostilities over on May 1. Guess he got that one wrong too. First he has to make up excuses to attack a third world country, and now he cannot tell the difference between violence and peace.

A grenade attack killed a U.S. soldier in Iraq on July 16, 2003, bringing the total combat deaths to 147, equaling the total in the 1991 Gulf War. The latest death heaped pressure on U.S President Bush, facing mounting criticism for the cost of the war and accusations the United States exaggerated intelligence on Iraq's weapons to justify the conflict. (Reuters Graphic)

The new U.S. general in Iraq, General John Abizaid, termed the conflict in Iraq a ‘classic guerrilla-type campaign’ in an interview today. That’s for damn sure.