Daily Archives: 07/27/2003

One Sunday Morning

After many moons, the weary office worker looks up from his cubicle to discover the myriad impossible projects are completed. The sense of urgency and impending doom has lifted, the late hours and weekends spent in the office are finally at an end, the weight of the company lifted from his sagging shoulders.

The promise of free time, disposable time, tantalizing the haggard man, a siren call of possibilities, awaits out-of-doors. Paddling, scuba diving, hiking, cycling, reading, playing music, hanging out in pubs drinking beer; a world of fruitful and meaningful activities beckons beyond the door. He has only to step outside…

But the many-headed Hydra rears it’s ugly heads. Long abandoned projects, tabled and almost forgotten, make themselves known. Word spreads among the other cubicle denizens of his availability, and promises made when the world was younger. No rest for the weary is the credo of this murder of crows. The cubicle beckons, the work demands completion. His head bowed, the office worker turns to the soft glow of his flat panels and starts working again.