Daily Archives: 07/30/2003

Hotel Shuts Doors

I ate lunch on Sunday afternoon at Santa Fe on the Bay Hotel. It pretty much sucked; it was hot and still, the food was not very good, and a swarm of flies harassed us the entire time. It was an unpleasant meal, and I commented at the time how it was a wonder the place stayed open.

Guess I spoke too soon. The next day the hotel shut its doors, closing down the beachfront restaurant and tossing all the guests out the door. The place has been in and out of bankruptcy several times the past few years, so this development didn’t surprise me. The new owners offered no reason for the shut-down, but the hotel sustained damage in last year’s typhoons and needed extensive repairs.

I’ll go ahead and start up a rumor too: Last year I met a couple television writers that were developing a series about a hotel on Guam. They were very interested in Santa Fe on the Bay as the possible location for their TV show. Maybe they vetted the series to a network and this shutdown is the first step in converting the hotel into a television set?