Daily Archives: 08/01/2003

Bad Movie Alert

I watched Punch Drunk Love last night. I was expecting Magnolia, it certainly wasn’t up to my expectations. Boogie Nights was a better movie, and I didn’t really like Boogie Nights. At least Boogie Nights had lots of sex to keep me interested. Adam Sandler doing his usual hapless moron routine is not worth the rental price. If I need to watch Adam Sandler, I’ll pop in that one where he plays golf, at least that has some laughs. Punch Drunk Love was cheerless and forced. Stay away. Stay away.

The Weekend IS HERE

Finally! I got an entire weekend to just chill out and do nothing. No work, no commitments, no parties to go to, no dinners to attend. I can just sit around and vegetate all weekend. Cool.

Took the Blue Torpedo for a bit of a spin this evening after work. Nothing like taking the scenic route home on Cross-Island Road. Nice sunset, windy road, cool tunes, new car. Not a bad way to start the weekend.