Daily Archives: 08/03/2003

Media Consumption

Working through a large pile of magazines right now:

Reading The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson – nothing like a little cyberpunk sci-fi.

About to watch Following and Fitzcarraldo on DVD.

And of course, my nightly dose of Futurama on the Cartoon Network’s adult swim programming. Thanks

More On That Tire Fire

I was afraid of this. The location of the big tire fire Saturday night was BKA-Ko’ku Recycling, the place I mentioned last month. They recently introduced tire recycling to Guam. The company just purchased a $100,000 tire baler to make dense compacted cubes from old tires. The cubes are suitable for a number of construction purposes. It is a great idea and a practical solution to a pressing problem on Guam. Too bad; now they are a smoking cinder in the ground.

I will be interested to hear what the fire department’s inquiry discovers. I imagine it was the usual destructive combo; too much beer after work, a lit cigarette, some oily rags, ka-BOOM. Another good idea goes up in smoke.

Tire Fire

A huge fire erupted last night (Saturday) in Barrigada when a tire dump ignited next to the PriceSmart warehouse shopping club. It’s expected to burn for several days.

Lovely. Remind me not to go anywhere near that area for a week. It’s gonna stick up there for a long time. Not to mention all the people in Barrigada Heights that are breathing the fumes, that can’t be good for anybody’s health.