Daily Archives: 08/05/2003

Gambling Initiative Possible

The Guam Election Commission is reviewing the signatures on a petition to hold a special election to legalize casino gambling on Guam. This is a great idea- casino gambling offers a viable way to stimulate the island’s economy and bring in new tourists looking for sun, surf, and a little gambling. Toss in some high class entertainment and Guam can become a first-class tourist attraction..

Movies, Movies, Movies

I watched An Evening With Kevin Smith last night. A documentary compiling Q&A sessions at five universities, the movie is a tad long at 3� hours, but several stories are really hilarious. Highlights included a long tale about his experience with Warner Brothers and re-writing a Superman script, and an equally bizarre tale about a week he spent in Minneapolis filming a documentary for Prince.

As for the other movies I watched over the weekend, Fitzcarraldo was great and Following was okay. The scene in Fitzcarraldo where Klaus Kinksi plays Caruso into the tumultuous jungle, alone on the deck of his steamship and facing the vague hostility of native drums is priceless. As Caruso warbles into the jungle, thetattooo of the drums changes, falls into step with the music, then stops, as if the Amazon itself is entranced by opera. A slow sedate film, chock full of amazing visuals.

Following was pretty good, a coarse little thriller that tossed in a couple good twists, and Christopher Nolan’s signature convoluted timelines. It played with the storyline during a brief 70 minutes, leaving me guessing a couple times. Not bad – gritty and violent, but not bad.

Palau High Chief Takes A Plea

Palauan Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons accepted a plea bargain for assault yesterday. Last January Gibbons struck attorney Matthew Johnson with a baseball bat after Johnson refused to leave a public meeting.

Under Palau’s constitution, traditional law has equal power to government laws, and Gibbons acted with his traditional authority in expelling and physically punishing someone showing disrespect.

This test of Palau’s constitution ended when Gibbons took the plea bargain, citing his wish to resolve the tumultuous matter in the young nation and balance Western laws with traditional values.