Daily Archives: 08/11/2003

Homes, Domes, And Containers

My internet perambulations inevitably led from alterna-living communities to alternative housing. Here’s some that really caught my eye.

For starters, I think it would be cool to live in a geodesic dome house. These companies offer plans and materials to build a dome-home.

The problem is all these homes would blow apart like a house of sticks in a typhoon. I know of two geodesic domes on Guam; one is the Citibank building in East Agana, and the other is a private home in Ipan Talofofo. Maybe I should drive down there and ask for a tour of the house.

So maybe domes are not feasible. How about something a little more crunchy granola? How about an Earthship, made from recycled tires and beer cans? Not a bad idea, but that all glass exposed side worries me.

Another option is actually fairly common on Guam, converting shipping containers into a homestead. I know several people that have done this and they make nice little homes. They tend to get pretty hot in the tropical sun though, and they need to be securely fastened to a foundation. My friend Boo Boo found her container blew hundred yards from her property after typhoon Pongsona, blocked the road into her family compound and actually crashed into a portion of a neighbor’s house. Not cool. Still, containers make for cheap affordable housing for many people. This site lays out the basics in making a container home for those interested in taking their home with them about the world – Global Nomadic Housing For Expatriates.

A good place to find more information on alternate housing designs is the Homestead.org web site. Check it out and see if anything catches your eye!