Daily Archives: 08/12/2003

Local News Roundup

  • GMH facing critical cash shortage – The island’s only public hospital is threatening to reduce hours, eliminate services, or furlough doctors due to a cash shortage. The primary reason the hospital is short of money? GovGuam ain’t paying it’s bills. Surprise, surprise.
  • New Director of DOE says schools will open August 19th – Juan Flores, the newly appointed director of the department of education, insists all GovGuam public schools will open on August 19th, despite the dire condition of many schools. Maintenance and repairs are needed at dozens of the island’s schools, and DOE officials are out begging for volunteers to help with the myriad projects to get the schools in serviceable condition.
  • Navy slaughters water buffalo – A herd of over 300 feral carabao is running rampant on the property of Naval Magazine in Santa Rita. The herd of massive beasts is damaging the environment, so the Navy decided to cull the herd. Navy marksmen shot 63 of the animals since April. Protests are planned this week by local activists, who are complaining the Navy did not explore all options, including adoption, before embarking on the extermination of the herd.

Joe Murphy Weighs In On Airline Security

Joe Murphy, editor emeritus of the Pacific Daily News, published an editorial yesterday on airline security and personal privacy. Not a bad article, though he implies that Google will be installing some sort of security screening process at the Guam International Airport. Turns out he is simply comparing Google’s massive utility with some hypothetical system the airport will install at some date to screen passengers. For a while I thought he meant the airport was installing a Google Search Appliance. That seemed strange to me.