Daily Archives: 08/13/2003

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Knocked off Diamond Age last night, those cyber-punk novels always leave me feeling a bit dissappointed. This was no exception. The ideas and action come fast and furious, promising some sea change in the human condition, then they invariably peter out and things go on pretty much the same as before. Diamond Age was no different. I still enjoyed it, I just felt it needed a more profound denouement.

Watched the Pride And Prejudice mini-series on DVD over the weekend. Good stuff. Period costumes, big houses, funny dialogue, Colin Firth brooding in the background. Definitely fare for the “Masterpiece Theatre” crowd.

Speaking of PBS, I watched a compelling story of Rell Sunn on Monday night. Surfer, paddler, activist – a truly amazing woman. Her struggle with breast cancer was almost submerged beneath all the other things she did. Even though it claimed her life, she refused to let it ruin her life.