Daily Archives: 08/14/2003

More Oddball Home Plans

I just can’t seem to get off the weird possibilities for housing. Check this out: Geo Lite Cabin Cottage Yurt Kit Plans. Yeah, nothing says home living like your own yurt! Yak butter tea anyone? How about some yogurt? Got to clean this place up – Genghis and his wives are coming over for dinner tonight. Guess what we’re having – Mongolian BBQ!!

Naw seriously, this looks interesting, but that canvas roof would never last on Guam. The sun would blast and bleach it, then a typhoon would come along and shred whatever’s left. Nope – gotta keep looking.

Murchison Falls

Put this on my “Must-See Before I Die” list:

Murchison Falls, Uganda

The entire width of the Nile River is funneled into a chute 6 meters across as it drops 122 meters into Lake Albert. I can only imagine the power and fury of that sight.

Making Drunks Clean Toilets

The public toilets at Guam’s parks are a disgrace. They are disgusting and vile ruins, heavily vandalized and non-functional. It is one of the top complaints of Japanese tourists when they visit the island. Now the Guam Visitors Bureau, the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Guam Superior Court are teaming up with an innovative new plan – sentencing DUI offenders to clean and maintain the toilets. Not a bad idea, punishment and public service combined. I hope this pans out, unlike earlier attempts to ‘adopt-a-toilet’ that the previous administration touted as a solution to the public restroom debacle.


I use my television as an alarm clock, one of the handy things you can do by programming the television.

This morning the tv clicked on and woke me to VH-1, which actually still plays videos in the early morning hours instead of incessant loops of Behind the Music. As I was laying there, all drowsy and stuff, I gradually became aware of what video was playing. “Who the hell is this?” was my first thought. Some buxom blonde dancing along with a row of dancers, fire hose spraying over her clothes, wetting this woman down. Looked like Britney Spears or something, and it was certainly licentious. But it seemed strangely forced and off-kilter.

Then the camera played over her face and I got a good look at her. WTF?? Is that Jewel? Folky coffee house style singer songwriter Jewel? WTF? No more acoustic guitar, but dance pop and slinky outfits. That’s a hell of a switcheroo. I can’t say I really cared for her music before, but it is disconcerting watching a person attempt to rebrand their image, and market herself as a pop diva.