Daily Archives: 08/19/2003

Slow Tuesday

We got nailed by the Nachi or Welchia worm at work today. Work ground to a halt and several departments went home before noon. Needless to say, it was a lost cause doing anything that involved the network, so I spent the day organizing my filing cabinet, archiving old data onto CD-R’s, and reading some technical manuals. I actually enjoyed the break from routine, and the odd stroll down memory lane when I had to distribute some files to people via floppy disks. Wow – going old school.

Movie Mayhem

I mentioned watching Whale Rider this weekend, I also found time for a couple DVD’s:

  • The Quiet American – This was a real sleeper early this year. It never even opened on Guam, which surprised me. The movie was a murder mystery, a love triangle, a political thriller, a chilling forewarning of the years to come. Highly recommended. The movie downplayed the religious themes that Greene’s novel wove into the story, which I found interesting.
  • Solaris – Another movie which never made it to Guam. A slow, elegiac film about loss, redemption and despair aboard a space station orbiting a distant world. Not for everyone, but certainly a quality film with some real thought and emotion. I might have to read the book at some point in the future.

That’s it. I’ll finally watch Apocalypse Now in the next couple days, offering a wild, violent counterpoint to The Quiet American’s subdued message. I’ve had Apocalypse Now for several months (Thanks Netflix!!) but never had the energy to submit myself to it. I think it’s time though.