Daily Archives: 08/20/2003

X-rays from Earth

NASA is about to start imaging x-rays from Earth using the Chandra telescope. They’re looking for an x-ray beacon similar to one found on Jupiter. Oxygen ions plummeting into Jupiter’s atmosphere trigger the beacon, and astronomers think Earth might have this twinkling beacon too.

Pedo Throws His Hat Into The Ring

My mayor, Pedo Terlaje, sponsored a bill in the legislature to create a special election on legalizing casino gambling. The Citizens for Economic Diversity already have enough signatures to place the measure on the ballot during the next general election, but that isn’t until November 2004. If the island senators pass this bill, a special election will be held within 90 days to decide the future of gambling on Guam.

Terlaje insists casino gambling is a way to ease the suffering of many people on Guam, by spurring construction and increasing tourism. I couldn’t agree more. This island desperately needs something to attract investment, and regulated, quality casinos offer a way out of this economic malaise that we cannot seem to shrug off.