Daily Archives: 08/21/2003


Just finished watching Equilibrium, a sci-fi action movie that several guys at work recommended I watch. They said it was reminiscent of the Matrix, but I was sorely disappointed. Think 1984 with some gunfighting kung fu thrown in. The only good moment was when Taye Diggs got his face sliced off in a sword fight. That was pretty cool. Otherwise, the action was sparse, and the plot predictably boring.

One odd moment right now: Christian Bale, the stony faced protagonist in Equilibrium, was the kid in Empire of the Sun. That’s weird. I remember watching that movie when it came out, was it really that long ago?

Another Day Wasted

So the computer system was down again today, for the third day in a row. All those Windows 2000 desktops and servers, humbled by the onslaught of lowly virii, just a few lines of malicious code. The entire network was switched off today, then slowly brought back online, one machine at a time. I feel for the network guys, they are working double time just to stem the tide. First Blaster, then Nachi, now Sobig. It’s a bad week to be a MCSE.

I spent the day reading more technical manuals and killing time in a few meetings. I have to admit, it’s a nice change of pace from working on the computer non-stop all day.